Help us provide vital mental health support to those in grief image

Help us provide vital mental health support to those in grief

You too can help a family like the Joneses heal from unimaginable loss.

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Grief Support Saves Lives.

Brenae and Christopher’s beautiful family was torn apart one tragic morning in February. Their healthy, vibrant 7-year-old son, Chris, died of an unexpected case of bacterial meningitis. Within a matter of seconds, the life they had known was gone.

“Losing a child is the worst possible thing that can happen to you.”

After months of struggling with their loss, trying to support their daughter Aubrey (6) through her grief, and taking care of their infant Gianna, Brenae and Chris were referred to Calm Waters grief support groups by their doctor.

“I was trying to work through my own grief, but I couldn’t carry everyone else’s grief too,” Brenae said.

“To have a space like Calm Waters where people understand your grief… is indescribable.”

The Jones family began atending a Calm Waters grief support group dedicated to individuals who had lost a child and found a community of people who understood their pain. Aubrey joined a group of kids her age who had lost a loved one due to death and learned that she was not alone in her overwhelming sadness.

Calm Waters is Oklahoma City’s grief center and exists exclusively to serve families just like Brenae and Christopher’s, to help them process emotions caused by death, divorce or other significant loss for FREE. We believe in providing services to children and families at NO COST so they can begin their grief journey and gain tools needed to cope, process and heal without adding additional stress to their devastating situation.

When families come to Calm Waters, they experience a safe and nonjudgmental space to process their grief, while also learning healthy coping skills for the future.

After the death of her brother, Aubrey’s grief and frustration caused her to withdraw completely from her friends and family. She was unable to take control of her overwhelming emotions.“Her teachers and I could see the waves of sadness just wash over her,” Brenae recalls.

As well as supporting their daughters, Brenae and Chris knew they had to get support for themselves. The two were grieving differently and needed to ensure their marriage lasted through their grief. After the death of a child, married couples have an increased risk of divorce, and this family knew Calm Waters was the best chance of making it through together.

Christopher had been the rock of his family at home, hiding his own grief in order to care for his wife and daughters. At grief group, however, Brenae heard him express himself in ways he wasn’t able to at home before. The community they built in their Calm Waters groups led to healing for the entire family.

“Aubrey is able to express her emotions now, she even dances in the car on the way to Calm Waters! We all look forward to group night.”You can help children like Aubrey and parents like Brenae and Christopher as they heal from unimaginable losses. Will you please give $150 this holiday season and save the life of one family in grief?

“Coming to Calm Waters could save your life. It saved ours.”

– Brenae Arthur-Jones

Calm Waters has continued to see an alarming increase of grief within our community, and we are adding more support groups and counseling sessions just to keep up with the demand. It is our hope in 2023 to continue helping as many children and families in our community as possible to meet that need, but WE NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE THIS A POSSIBILITY!

A $150 gift allows a child and their family to begin the grief journey through our support groups at our Center or in schools across the greater metro area. Your gift will directly impact a grieving child and help them heal and find hope again. To make a gift, please fill out the enclosed card or donate online at by December 31.

THANK YOU for supporting Calm Waters. YOU TRULY MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

With gratitude,

Erin Engelke, Executive Director

P.S. Give before December 31 to sponsor a child and their family! Your gift of $150 will allow a child and their family to attend one of Calm Waters FREE support groups.