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YOU can change the life of a family in grief

Give hope to families like Lauren and Eli

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How much Grief Can One Family Face?

Eli (6) holds a photo of his grandpa, "Dubbie" Six-year-old Eli has been through more trauma than any child should ever have to face. Because his parents struggled with addiction, Eli lived with his wonderful Grandpa Ward, his “Dubbie”. When Eli’s dad died by gunshot, Ward knew that his sweet grandson needed mental health support. Ward brought Eli to Calm Waters Grief Support Groups every week, ensuring his boy had the tools he needed to cope with the trauma.

When Ward died suddenly at a family dinner this past December, his daughter Lauren took her nephew Eli into her home with no hesitation. She continued Ward’s legacy of supporting Eli through his grief. Lauren joined a group herself to cope with the devastating loss of her incredible father as well as the life she knew before becoming an adoptive mother at age 25.

“Calm Waters has been there for Eli through so much trauma and loss. They have been my saving grace as I learn how to be a parent while grieving my favorite person in the world, my dad.”

Together, the new family of two found peace in Calm Waters through their overwhelming grief.

Calm Waters is Oklahoma City’s grief center and exists exclusively to serve families just like Lauren and Eli, to help them process emotions caused by death, divorce or other significant loss for FREE. We believe in providing services to children and families at NO COST so they can begin their grief journey and gain tools needed to cope, process and heal without adding additional stress to their devastating situation.

Lauren holds a photo of her father, Ward Grisham

While Lauren’s friends continue enjoying their early twenties, Lauren’s day is filled with school drop-offs and packing lunchboxes. It is also filled with scheduling grief counseling and attending grief support groups at Calm Waters. She grieves the loss of her father, the trauma Eli has had to face, and the end of her carefree life alone.

Ward was Lauren’s favorite person in the world. He was funny, compassionate and strong. He loved his family more than anything in the world, so Lauren knew she had to live up to his legacy when parenting Eli.

“Eli is the best kid. He is kind and funny and goofy despite the continued trauma in his life. I know that Calm Waters is the reason he is still the same little boy I have loved for six years. I am grateful that Calm Waters saved his childhood and walks alongside us in this journey.”

You can help families like Eli and Lauren as they heal from unimaginable losses. Will you please give $150 this holiday season and save the life of one family in grief?

“Calm Waters was there for Eli and me during the darkest times in our lives. They’ve been there ever since.”- Lauren Grisham.

Lauren and Eli, a family of twoCalm Waters has seen an alarming increase of grief within our community, and we are adding more support groups and counseling sessions just to keep up with the demand. It is our hope in 2024 to continue helping as many children and families in our community as possible to meet that need, but WE NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE THIS A POSSIBILITY!

A $150 gift allows a child and their family to begin the grief journey through our support groups at our Center or in schools across the greater metro area. Your gift will directly impact a grieving child and help them heal and find hope again. To make a gift, please give by December 31.

THANK YOU for supporting Calm Waters. YOU TRULY MAKE A DIFFERENCE!